Energy Storage and Distribution of DC Grid

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DC networks are an area of increasing importance in modern electronics; this report reviews Energy storage solutions, DC grid, wireless sensor networks and USB charging methods in detail.

Use of USB powered devices and low voltage portable equipment is always growing. At University of Hertfordshire the smart systems laboratory contains state-of-the-art equipment for developing smart home technology. The lab is supplied electricity from wind turbines and the mains grid. During the construction of the lab, conduit was installed for a DC network to utilise the renewable energy for charging portable devices at a variety of voltages ranging from 3.3V for microcontrollers to 19V for laptops. The purpose of this project is to design and build a system that is fully capable of utilising the renewable energy produced, being able to store the energy and distribute the energy throughout the lab.
Figure 1: Recorded 12V lead acid charge curve
Figure 2: Recorded Apple iPad charge curve
Figure 3: Technical reference of Apple iPad charge curve
To conclude, the project was conducted successfully. Schematics were drawn and validated a PCB design can be constructed. A working Energy storage and distribution of DC grid solution was designed, constructed and tested inclusive of a USB charging module to be used on the DC Grid.