Location Location Location

  • InterLiving
  • Assisted Living
  • Mobility
  • User Interface

The primary purpose of this research is to develop a technology which will address indoor tracking and precise location detection on a mobility scooter for the ageing generation, physically impaired/and medical patients.

This technology will be attainable with the integration of the wheelchair technology with Wi-Fi technology, sensors, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and a tablet PC for computing and displaying of current positions (in real-time) with class accuracy and navigational assistance for users within buildings.

The users need mobility to accomplish daily tasks efficiently; and it is essential that a tool that can automatically predict indoor locations, detect movement, record vital health information (if need be), and communicate with relevant authorities when necessary be provided to them.

The benefit of this research includes:

  • A heighten sense of independence and security for target audience due to the awareness of real time location detection within buildings.
  • A sophisticated level of monitoring for the carers.
  • Seamlessly Integration of indoor tracking and detection technology with the mobility scooter technology.

This is indeed a ground breaking angle to health care, security, navigation efficiency and ease of monitoring for carers.

Below is a video to further illustrate indoor tracking