Smart Sockets and Switches

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Designed for Retrofit. The Smart Socket and Switches implements touch and touchless (gesture based) interface enabling distributed control of lighting zones in a home/building. The Smart Socket and Switches is part of the Smart Suite development which also incorporate Smart Thermostat, Smart TRVs and future Smart Sensors.

The University of Hertfordshire has a strong track record of developing smart controls that improve home energy efficiency and convenience. Our Smart Systems Lab and Service Aggregation for Smart Homes projects have resulted in the research and development of an innovative product which recognises, monitors and controls devices and appliances like lights, heaters and kettles via a University-designed cloud based service.

The initial project has been thoroughly tested and used in our teaching and research. Now, a team from the School of Engineering and Technology, led by Johann Siau, is developing the concept into a smart suite of products for the DIY, refurbishment and new-build market.

They have successfully reduced the footprint of the initial system, developing its printed circuit board to create an enclosed unit that fits in a standard double gang socket enclosure. Sitting in-line in standard trunking alongside conventional sockets, it can now be more readily used by the building and home improvement industry.

Working with The Building Research Establishment (BRE) and collaborating with potential manufacturers, the team is currently developing the device to reduce its size further and explore opportunities for radiator and thermostat control. They are also adapting it to allow monitoring and control via multiple platforms, including computer, smart TV, mobile and tablet.